The One Thing You Must Absolutely Do In Order to Acheive Success!!

Did I grab your attention?  I hope so because that was the point.  Titles that scream to the reader are important and necessary in order to break through the ocean of noise that is the Internet.  You want them to click to your site, not the next one, and because you want your reader to spend some time on your site (time = money, no one will click on your affiliate link or banner ad or buy it now button if they are on your site for 3 seconds), that title better be attention grabbing and more importantly, it should be HONEST.

Which gets me to what I wanted to talk about (it's not about headlines, once I get a few more under my belt we can talk about that), that one thing you must absolutely do in order to achieve success (success can mean different things, by the way, it doesn't have to be strictly monetary).  In my first post I said that I was jumping head first into the world of Internet Marketing for the first time, that actually, is not entirely true (damn that honest thing).

It was around this past summer when I got serious about using the Internet to make some extra income.  I stumbled upon the Warrior Forum (one of the greatest resources if you are truly serious about internet marketing - despite the story I am about to tell) in my research and it was there I found a program for sale that was supposed to show me how to make a decent income online with only 20 minutes of work a day (RED FLAG!).  And you didn't need a website or know any SEO (RED FLAG #2 and #3!)  I bought it (it was only 7 bucks - see how easy it can be to part with $7, that was this guy's business plan) and was eager to dive in and start making some money.  The program showed you how to use Twitter to sell products, this guys product, the exact product I just coughed up $7 for.  You created numerous accounts, used avatars (attractive women was the recommendation) and set up automatic tweets, tweeting inane things like "I eat cereal for breakfast" to make you seem real 4 times a day while sprinkling in a tweet with a link to this product.  It actually worked.  I made 3 sales after two weeks of "friending" and "tweeting".

But it didn't feel right.  Here I am, 33 years old, married with a toddler daughter, and I'm going online pretending to be a young woman who wants to show you how you can get rich quick with nothing but Twitter.  My wife was making fun of me.  I didn't feel like I could share what I was doing with anyone; I was too embarrassed to speak about what I was doing.  I have a feeling that if I kept at it I could have made some decent cash because with a few hundred followers I did make 3 sales (the idea being you get 20,000 followers, convert 2% of your sales, etc) but I stopped.  Because I wasn't passionate about what I was doing, because it made me feel, well, for lack of a better term, icky, this wasn't the right business for me.  So this business failed me.

But I didn't let it stop me.  It made me realize that I can, in fact, make money online, I just need to hone in on what drives me, what makes me proud.  And that is what got me to where I am today.  And that is the one thing YOU must do in order to achieve success:  Find what you are passionate about.  Because if you don't, finding that drive to slog on through will be hard to come by, because this business can be very discouraging.  Those three sales have been the only three sales I have made online and every day a small part of me questions why am I doing what I am doing.  After a long day at work and putting my daughter to sleep (no easy task, I assure you) it would be very easy to settle into the couch and throw on some TV.  But instead, I am at my desk, toughing it out for an audience of one (so far, that will change).

So, there you have it.  My headline wasn't misleading, was it?


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