Yes, Another Blog About Internet Marketing (But You're Going to Want to Read This One, I Promise!)

I am at a crossroads. Do I take the easy path or do I take the smart path....

My name is Lonnie Feldman and I am an Internet Marketer (am I confessing addictions here?!?)  Actually, I am testing the waters and jumping head first for the first time into the world of Internet Marketing.  My first experiment will be to set up a niche website selling a product via Amazon (more to come on that later).  But first, let me take the time to explain what this blog is about and a little bit about who I am.

I am a father of a 3 year old, with another one on in the way in July.  My wife and I live in Brooklyn, NY and we both work full time (I work in production and she is a writer).  Combined we make a nice low six-figure income, but for some reason we still feel like we are broke all the time!  Mostly, because rent is so damn high (and we don't leave in the ritziest neighborhood in Brooklyn).  We constantly struggle with our finances, have slashed expenses wherever possible, and I am now turning to the Internet to make a few extra bucks.

I don't want to get rich quick, and from all the research I have been doing before finally settling upon my method to earn money, the internet will not make your rich quick.  And anyone who promises that it will if you just buy into their system is lying and you will be broker and more discouraged in the process.  This is going to take work!!!  But it can be done! 

My goal is to add a nice stream of passive residual income so that I can:
  • Have my own business!
  • Finally rid myself of my credit card debt!
  • Build an emergency fund!
  • Open 529 plans for both my children (holy crap, I am going to have TWO children!)
  • Start saving for what seems like a near impossibility: owning a home!
  • Have peace of mind!
That last goal rings the loudest now that I just typed it. There is a good feeling that one gets knowing that you are in control of your future and I want that the most.  I want to be in control of my destiny!

This blog is where I will be documenting my successes and failures (I'm sure there will be plenty of those too).  I will be sharing with you how I go about building my site, navigating SEO, and what I earn (gosh, I hope there is something to report!)  I want to use this blog as a resource for learning and sharing experiences, so it is vitally important that I am not the only one contributing on this site.

Like I mentioned at the beginning of the post, I will be creating an Amazon niche site. Basically, a niche site is a blog (or website) that focuses on one thing (like a product or service).  Your goal as webmaster extradonaire is to build content related to that one thing (i.e. your keyword), drive traffic to your site, and monetize.  I am choosing to monetize with Amazon (more on that in a future post), but there are plenty of other ways to monetize (Google Adsense, Clickbank, etc).  The site is about to go live and I will be documenting everything that happens with that site here.  My goals for that site is too:

  • Follow through!! I do not want to abandon this!
  • Get to the first page of Google for my keyword.
  • Get in the top 3 results of the first page of Google (hopefully by March or April)
  • Make money!  If I did my keyword research correctly (who knows if I did, this was the first time I did keyword research, more on that to come in a future post), based on the number of visits I should be receiving a day once I am in the top 3 spots of Google and I convert a sale 2% of the time, I am estimating about $70/week.
What am I going to do with $70/week?  Not much, that is why the plan is to rinse and repeat; if I can have 5 sites making $70 a week that can turn into some nice passive income.  That is the ultimate goal, a full deck of sites all generating passive income. That's when I can start achieving my personal goals. 

The journey begins now...


John Laning said...

I saw you post over at Smart Passive Income a day or two ago and bookmarked your site since you're about 3 steps further down the road than me. I'm planning on starting with a niche site too. Let's hope those pennies stack up.

You're heading in the right direction, Lonnie!

Lonnie said...

Thanks John! Smart Passive Income has been a great resource and a great inspiration. Good luck with your niche site and keep checking back here to join the conversation. If I can be of any help (with my limited amount of knowledge) I will be more than happy to oblige!

Good Luck!

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