Content The Not Entirely That Hard BUT Definitely Not The Easy Way

Content is king, right?  It's a cliche, but something doesn't become cliche without having at least a hint of truth to it.  In my last post, I went through the steps I took to choose a product, find a domain, host and build a site.  Now all it needs is the content.

This Is A Review Site, Afterall...

The idea behind my monetized niche review site is to provide reviews of products that consumers will find useful.  Ideally, these consumers are pretty much already all revved up to make a purchase and are just looking for a little nudge to confirm that they are making the right decision (if someone is searching for walnut brown wall mirrors, it is a pretty safe assumption that they are looking to buy walnut brown wall mirrors, I mean, who googles walnut brown wall mirrors for the heck of it anyway.  This is why keyword research is key!)  Therefore my reviews have to be mostly positive, and the negative shouldn't really be a negative anyway.

You Don't Have To Be An Expert

If you're an expert on walnut brown wall mirrors than you will have a leg up on the competition, but for the rest of us expertise is not necessary.  But it is important that you can be PERCEIVED as one.  So how will my review show that?

Since I am an Amazon affiliate, I go to, where else, but Amazon to research the products. And by research, I read through the product descriptions on Amazon and basically rehash that info; I also include the bulleted product info in my review as well.  I rehash it in a way that establishes myself as an authority on the product. So if I were selling walnut brown wall mirrors, I would open up the review by saying something like,
if you are looking for a walnut brown wall mirror than this XYZ mirror is the one for you and here is why....
What I am doing is giving valid reasons why this prospective shopper should by this particular product, thereby establishing credibility, increasing the likelihood that they will read the rest of the review, which increases the chance that my affiliate link will get a click, and the rest is up to Amazon (don't fail me now).

The Best Experts Are Those That Use The Product

When you're on Amazon looking to buy something, where do you spend more of your time: on the product description or the customer reviews? If you're like me, than it's the customer reviews.  There is a wealth of real, useable information in those reviews and when creating my reviews I tapped into this great resource.  I scanned three or four of the positive reviews, found what they had in common, and rehashed that into my review, highlighting that this is what actual users had to say about the product.  I include something that is slightly negative as well, to give the review some teeth, but am sure to say the positives always outweigh the negatives.

Then I made sure to wrap up the review by giving the product a ringing endorsement, assuring the potential buyer that they aren't wasting their money on this product.

I will leave two affiliate links in the review.  Once at the beginning of the review, and one at the end.  I make the link a call to action, like, you can find this at Amazon at a great discounted price, or something.  My second link will be a call to action, but it won't be as salesy, just a reminder of where the buyer where to find the product.

And that is basically it.  My site is live right now with four product reviews.  I have six all together, with one being a negative review, where I will not endorse the product (again, to establish credibility).  I published the first three at the same time, and am spacing out the final three one week apart from each other (dripping them slowly because google likes it that way...maybe?)

Now, comes the biggest challenge: SEO.  I will be posting what my plan is, how I am doing in ranking, and if and when, I make a sale.


Alex said...


Came over from your comment to see how your journey is progressing and I have to say I am getting flashbacks reading all this.
I remember when I first started - oh so much to take in right!?

Like your approach, and let me give you some tips that will help you get more traffic.

You are going to use Article Marketing (if you werent then you are now) but you are NOT going to write articles that have anything to do with the product at all.
Write a keyword rich review of walnut mirrors and then when you submit an article to say Ezine, write about (eg) How to prepare for the formal. This way your article is not competing for the same 'review keywords' but it is a relevant backlink - why? Because you cannot get ready for a formal without heavily utilising a mirror - and of course I remember my first formal, getting ready in front of my Mums full ength walnut brown mirror.... etc etc... get it.

There's my tip, Im off to bed :)

Good luck - I will come and see how you are going, hope you signed up to my course because you will get some awesome link building tips throughout :)

Lonnie said...

Hi Alex

Thanks for the taking the time to read my blog and for the SEO tip. Article marketing is part of my SEO plan, but I like your take on the content. I didn't even bother to think about whether my articles would outrank my site.

I signed up for your course to see what it's about. I can always use some actionable information.

Again, I really appreciate you taking some time and offering advice. I look forward to sharing ideas in the future.


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